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Moving on from loss

Grief can be a complicated, multifaceted response to loss. It doesn't have to be just death but can be any sort of loss. My bereavement counselling in London is here to help people trying to deal with grief.

Helping you deal with grief

Losing somebody or something that you care about can be one of the most painful and hardest things to navigate. We all grieve differently and move forward at different times. Whether you are dealing with death or divorce, my approach as a private therapist in London helps you to identify what is stopping you from moving on, so you are ready to take control. Together, we can create ongoing, sustainable growth and change so that you can move forward confidently, in your own way towards a new normal.

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Some of the things that can cause us to grieve are


The loss of a loved one is one of life's most challenging experiences, but it's not a burden you need to bear alone. As a specialist in navigating loss, my bereavement counselling in London offers a safe and supportive space to process your grief, navigate your emotions and discover a path towards healing.

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Divorce can feel like losing a part of yourself – The emotional shock, practical challenges and long-term impact can be overwhelming. My counselling services can help you process your emotions, address the practical concerns and develop healthy coping mechanisms for living your best life in the future.

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Loss of a baby

The loss of a baby is an incredibly painful and personal experience, but it's important to understand that you don't need to suffer in silence. My loss and bereavement counselling in London offers compassionate and expert support as you work your way through this difficult period.

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Loss of job 

Facing or undergoing the loss of a job can be overwhelming emotionally and practically, potentially impacting your finances, living situation and even your sense of self. As a private therapist in London, I'm here to listen without judgement and offer support to chart a path forwards.

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Loss of a relationship

The pain of the loss of a relationship goes beyond emotional heartache. The emotional and mental toll can often manifest in physical ways like increased stress and even changes to your sleep patterns. My relationship bereavement counselling in London is designed to support you in this difficult time, offering a safe space to process your grief and begin to heal.

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Aging and illness comes with their own share of challenges that others may struggle to understand, from frustration with diminished physical abilities to anxiety surrounding the uncertainties of illness. Whether you're struggling to accept these changes or grappling with fear, I offer compassionate guidance and personalised support to support yin in processing these emotions and developing coping mechanisms.

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Parenting a child with mental health difficulties and learning disabilities

Parenting is a rewarding yet demanding journey filled with constant adaptations, but when your child faces additional challenges, it can feel even more complicated. As a private therapist in London specialising in parental guidance, I can support you in overcoming these unique challenges and find healthy approaches to support your child's wellbeing.

Whatever your grief or challenges, my bereavement counselling in London and the wider UK can help you find a way through.

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Other areas that I cover as a private therapist in London

  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking
  • Identifying goals, and gaining more focus, direction and purpose
  • Discovering who you are, and enjoying your life more
  • Managing your time, and appreciating your skills, abilities and achievements
  • Dealing with your children, and your relationships