Moving on from loss

Grief can be complicated, multifaceted response to loss. It doesn’t have to be just death but can be any sort of loss. My bereavement and loss counselling service is here to help all people trying to deal with grief.


Helping you deal with grief

Losing somebody or something that you care about can be one most painful and hardest things to navigate. We all grieve differently and move forward at different times. Whether you are dealing with death or divorce, I can help you identify what is stopping you from moving on, so you are ready to take control. Together, we can create ongoing, sustainable growth and change so that you can move forward confidently, in your own way towards a new normal. 


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  Some of the things that can cause us to grieve are:


Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things we can go through as people. You do not have to go through this alone. With my expert therapy and counselling services, and my bereavement and loss counselling, I shall help you can find your own way forward, and a path to a new you.

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Divorce can be a highly traumatic event, and may feel like a great personal loss or failure. The breakup of a family or splitting up with a long-term partner can leave you feeling alone and isolated, financially struggling, and unsure of your future path in life. It is with this aspect, where my counselling service is here to help.

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Loss of a baby

Losing a baby, through miscarriage or stillbirth, is an especially traumatic event to go through. No one should have to suffer this loss alone, or without expert help. My bereavement and loss counselling service is here to help you through this difficult time, and begin to plan ahead for your future.

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Loss of job 

Losing a job can be highly traumatising in terms of the disruption it can cause to your life. It may entail financial difficulties, moving home, or simply the loss of a well-established routine and identity. If you want help and guidance at this difficult time I am here to listen, and help you find a new beginning with your career.

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Loss of a relationship

It’s called heart-break for a reason. The breakup of any relationship can feel like a physical trauma, and indeed, it can have physical consequences through stress and depression after a relationship breakdown. My counselling sessions are tailored around helping you to get past such a loss.

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‘You’re only as young as you feel,’ is the old cliché, but what if, through no fault of your own, you no longer feel young? How do you deal with the dread of illness? How do you manage the feelings around not being that athletic, sporty person you once were? If you want to find a way to deal with your illness and the emotions surrounding it, give me a call.

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Corporate Bereavement Services

A solid bereavement policy will provide immediate and ongoing support for employees.  This will help employee relationships and appreciation for their employers.  Empathy builds trust and loyalty and it is a vital part of building a respectful and caring workplace.

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Parenting a child with mental health difficulties and learning difficulties and disabilities:

All parents have to navigate challenges as their children grow and develop. However, if your child has extra challenges including mental health difficulties this can be more complex. With the right support it is possible to be a good parent and to care and support your child/children in a positive way. Counselling with me can help you cope with the everyday challenges of parenting, understand the impact of your mental health on your children, and deal with isolation and peoples’ negative ideas concerning mental health problems.

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Other areas that I cover:

  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking
  • Identifying goals, and gaining more focus, direction and purpose
  • Discovering who you are, and enjoying your life more
  • Managing your time, and appreciating your skills, abilities and achievements
  • Dealing with your children, and your relationships





 If you are looking for a way forward in life, call me today to book a therapy session, on 07811 745163.