Moving on from divorce

I run a six week session for clients who wish to move on from the ordeal of divorce, and begin making plans towards a new future.
These sessions are available to book on Eventbrite, or if you wish you can call or email me directly and I shall add you to the course myself.



A group counselling course:
Moving on from Divorce

A series of six sessions over six weeks. In these sessions we will be able to look at

  • Facing basic issues: sometimes life is unfair and unjust
  • Installation of hope, hear from others
  • Impart information, signposting
  • Meeting others who are in similar positions
  • Tools and techniques
  • Solutions
  • Being part of a cohesive working group

Man speaking in group therapy session


Group therapy is a great way to meet other people going through the same ordeals, and find support not only in a therapy environment but also meet new friends and establish a new support network for yourself.

All our group counselling sessions will be conducted in a friendly and convivial atmosphere.

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