Aging Therapy in London



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Helping you to adapt to life's transitions

'You're only as young as you feel,' is the old cliché, but what if, through no fault of your own, you no longer feel young? How do you deal with the dread of illness? How do you manage the feelings around not being that athletic, sporty person you once were? If you want to find a way to deal with your illness and the emotions surrounding it, give me a call.

My counselling sessions may help you towards finding a new identity, or a new you. Or they may simply open a path towards dealing with your illness or advancing age in a more philosophical way.

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Addressing the challenges of old age

Social isolation and loneliness are common concerns among older adults, especially those who live alone or have limited social support. I can help you explore ways to connect with others, build social networks, and engage in meaningful activities that promote social connection and well-being. Aging also involves significant life transitions, such as retirement, loss of loved ones, changes in health, or relocation. With my help you can process these changes in your own space, and adapt to changes in roles, routines, and relationships.

Support and guidance at every stage of the journey

You may also confront existential questions and concerns about mortality, legacy, and end-of-life care. I offer a safe space for you to talk about these issues, express fears and hopes, and engage in meaningful conversations about your values, preferences, and legacy.