Corporate Bereavement Services


Build a Bereavement Policy Which is Robust and Bespoke to your Organisation

Most or all people will experience the death of a person close to them during their working lives at some point or another.

Everyone will experience grief differently. There is no right or wrong way.  It's important for employers to:

  • Have a sympathetic and empathic attitude to the bereaved
  • Consider the person's mental health, emotional and physical wellbeing, including after they return to work
  • Recognise that grief will be different for everyone and can be dependent on their relationship with the deceased or how traumatic the bereavement was






What are the Benefits of a Bereavement Policy?

In the light of the pandemic Acas has published new advice to help employers handle bereavement at work.  It's now vital for your workplace to have a policy that covers time off and pay for the bereaved as a priority for promoting good health and wellbeing as in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As a private therapist in London, I can help you in designing a solid bereavement policy to provide immediate and ongoing support for employees.  This will help employee relationships and appreciation for their employers.  Empathy builds trust and loyalty and it is a vital part of building a respectful and caring workplace.

The policy will install a clear plan of action and procedures in the result of a bereavement.

A policy helps make clear

  • How much time off and pay employees are entitled to
  • Defined communication procedures
  • Ongoing support after they return to work





Update your Corporate Bereavement Policy

Together we will look at your current policy and talk about the necessary amendments and update accordingly.



Build a Corporate Bereavement Policy

Currently there is no legal right to the amount of time a person can have off work (unless someone's child dies) - it just says this should be a reasonable amount.  I can help you decide on what you believe is a fair amount of time and a policy that fits with your ethos.  Together we can work on;

  • When leave for a bereavement can apply
  • How much time off do you think would be right?
  • How much leave will be paid

Our initial meeting together will be a session where I will get to know you and the needs of your organisation and discuss what would work in your setting.  We will go through options and decide on what works for you.

The policy will be written and sent where you can check and amend.

Final Bereavement policy will be sent to you.



Guidance and Advice Session

A one-off session to support and guide you through a traumatic bereavement, event or critical incident at work.




I can offer 6 online sessions of bereavement counselling for the bereaved on their return to work.



Bereavement Training with a Private Therapist in London

There should be an awareness of the impact of a bereavement on your employees and tools to put support in place.  Being able to respond and know what to do and to be able to communicate in a compassionate way will make a huge difference.

As a private therapist in London, I can provide online or face to face training sessions for your teams, which will be tailored for you. This can include the following:

Training for Managers and HR

  • Implementing your bereavement policy
  • Grief theory
  • Suicide or traumatic death
  • Responses to grief
  • Employees family
  • Providing Support for the bereaved and your employees
  • Returning to work

Training for All Staff

  • What is grief
  • Responses to grief
  • Suicide or traumatic death
  • What to say/what not to say
  • When a colleague dies
  • When a bereaved colleague returns to work
  • Providing support
  • Self- care